Astrobiology and Origins of Life

Copenhagen, Denmark

13-15 January 2005
A 3-day workshop on `Astrobiology and Origins of Life' will be held in Copenhagen, 13-15 January 2005.

Background and Purpose

Astrobiology is a new and dynamic topic, which covers many subfields within astronomy and touches upon areas where astronomy interfaces with biology, biochemistry, geology, biophysics and geophysics. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together scientists from the Nordic countries who are interested in the field to discuss astrobiological problems that physicists can tackle.

This meeting is organized by the Astrobiology Nordic Project. Scientific contact: Axel Brandenburg (

Local organizing committee: Anja Andersen, Axel Brandenburg, Maarit Korpi.

NOTE: this meeting is preceeded by a meeting on Nordic Science Outreach, which is open to everybody interested.

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