Nordic Winter School on Astrobiology

Hotelli Levitunturi, Finnish Lapland


  • Arrival of all participants is expected on Monday, 2 January, and departure is on Friday, 13 January. (We expect to arrange for a bus from Kittilä airport on 2 January at 17:45 and to Kittilä airport on 13 January at 13:15.) There are 3 lectures each day of 90 min duration (8:30-10:00, 14:30-16:00, and 16:30-18:00). The first lecture will be Tuesday, 3 January, at 8:30. The last lecture will end Thursday, 12 January, at 18:00.

  • Student Accommodation: The students will be accommodated in the various cabins belonging to Riekkomajat. Please let us know whether the current plan is acceptable to you.

  • Reimbursement etc: during the first days students, who will receive travel reimbursement, will have to fill in a form upon which they will get their travel expenses reimbursed either via bank transfer or in cash. You may download the reimbursement form in advance and fill in the details as you go along. In particular, please remember the bank details.

  • AV-equipment:
    • Overhead projector
    • Slide projector
    • VHS video player (PAL and NTSC)
    • Linux and Windows-XP laptop with PowerPoint
    • Screen-projector connected to video player and laptop

  • Wireless internet:
    • There are transmitters in the auditorium. Open access simply via dhcp.
    • There is a limited number of ethernet sockets (access again via dhcp). Bring your own ethernet cable to be independent.

  • Meals: free for conference participants.

  • Skies: can be rented from this web site.

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