Nordic Winter School on Astrobiology


2-13 January 2006

On Saturday, after the morning lecture, we'll go by bus to the Totovaara - wilderness cabin. From there we'll do ski trips. The trip includes one breakfast, two lunches and one evening meal and juice for the skiing trip. Sleeping bags will be rented for all of us. Please remember to bring own towels for the sauna.

Totovaara - wilderness cabin

Totovaara - wilderness cabin situated at the foot of fell Aakenustunturi. It is central situated in the areas of lake Ylläsjärvi, Äkäslompolo and Ylläs. The main building of Totovaara has three rooms, 2 kitchens and a drying room. The main building is rented as a unit. The old shop building in the yard has three separate rooms, where a possibility to cook and with separate entrances. The rooms are rented separately. All together Totovaara has 53 beds and the cabin is accessible by car all year round.
The road going from the right downward is the road the turns left just north of Kittilä (and just south of the airport). The distance to the airport is about 17 km.
Totovaara - wilderness cabin situated at the foot of fell Aakenustunturi. On this map it is approximately where the number 17 is.
The airport with its runway clearly marked on the map is of Kittilä is north of town. The road to Totovaara turns left between the aiport and the town of Kittilä.
Levi is the mountain southeast of the town of Sirkka. The hotel Levitunturi is just to the right of the main road. There is downhill skiing from Levi, but you can also do cross-country skiing. The lakes are all frozen, but be extremely careful with rivers (some of which enter the lakes, so the ice may be thinner there).