Winter School on Astrobiology: Photos

Note: the big photos have the correct aspect ratio, but some of the smaller ones (supposed to be the default) have not. This will be corrected in the future.

Links to photos by different participants

  • Axel's photos: first week [big], excursion [big], second week: part1 [big], part2 [big]
  • Daria's photos: I [big], II [big], III [big]
  • Harry's photos: here [big]
  • Samuli's photos: here [big]
  • Sini's photos: part1 [big], part2 [big]
  • Tobias' photos: 1 [big], 2 [big], 3 [big], 4 [big], 5 [big] 8 [big] 8b [big] 9 [big] 10 [big]


    The copyright of the presentations is with the photogropher. The material is only for private use.

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