Nordic Winter School on Astrobiology

Hotelli Levitunturi, Sirkka, Finland

2-13 January 2006
A Nordic Winter School on Astrobiology will be held in Finnish Lapland.

Lectures: Tuesday 3 - Thursday 12 January 2006.

Background and Purpose

Astrobiology is a new and dynamic topic, which covers many subfields within astronomy and touches upon areas where astronomy interfaces with biology, biochemistry, geology, biophysics and geophysics. The purpose of the School is to bring together student scientists from the Nordic and Baltic countries (including NW Russia) who are interested in the field to discuss astrobiological problems that physicists can tackle.

This meeting is organized by the Astrobiology Nordic Project. Scientific contact: Axel Brandenburg (

Local organizing committee: Anja Andersen, Axel Brandenburg, Maarit Korpi, and Tuomas Multamäki.

Fees and Expenses

There is no participation fee for all accepted participants. Block reservation in cabins and local apartments has been arranged (Riekkomajat) and will be free for about 30 participants from the Nordic and Baltic countries, including NW Russia (i.e. St. Petersburg), Travel expenses and all meals will also be covered by the School.

Selection Procedure

Selection of the applications will begin on 15 November 2005, and the successful candidates will be notified soon afterwards. The selection criteria include aspects like the usefulness of the School for the career of the candidate. The candidate will be asked to nominate a scientist (e.g. his supervisor) who can give a judgement about the qualifications of the candidate.

Sponsored by: NordForsk and Nordita.

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