Den Nordiske Lejrskole, Hillerød, Denmark

3 - 10 August 2003

'Den Nordiske Lejrskole and Kursuscenter'
Lejrskolevej 4
DK-3400 Hillerød, Denmark
Tel. +45 - 4826 1986.

Arrival: Sunday, 3 August.   Dinner at 6 pm and afterwards an informal introduction meeting.   Registration upon arrival.
Departure: Sunday, 10 August after breakfast.

Students are accommodated 2 persons per room. Bed linen and towel will be provided.
Please fill in on the application form a name on a person you want to share room with (if possible).

Ticket(s) to/from Copenhagen: Please use cheapest tickets (apex, student or the like, if possible), and bring a copy of your ticket(s), you will be reimbursed while at the school.

(Hillerød is situated ~35 km North of Copenhagen centrum).

Getting to Hillerød from the airport takes 1 1/2 hour and is quite easy:

Bus and Train

1. Buy a ticket for 'alle zoner' and keep it until you get off the bus in Hillerød.
Price 'alle zoner' :   Ticket, one person, one way = DKK 52,50.
10-trip clipcard = DKK 305.   Several people can travel together on the clipcard. (1 clip per person).

2. Take the train (direction Helsingør, every 20 minutes) from the airport and get off at one of the following stations: The central station (Hovedbanegården), Nørreport or Østerport. From any of these stations you can take the S-train lines A or E directly to Hillerød (from a different platform though). Getting to Hillerød takes 1 to 1 1/2 hour depending on the connections.

The time table is as follows (every hour):
Airport  Hovedbanegården  Nørreport  Østerport
06 21 25  29
26 41 45  49
46 01  05 09

S-train to Hillerod line A:
Hovedbanegården Nørreport Østerport arrival Hillerød
14 18  21  55
34  38  41  15
54 58  01  35

line E (daytime only):
Hovedbanegården Nørreport Østerport arrival Hillerød
04 08  11  45
24  28  31  05
44 48  51  25

3. Now you finally are in Hillerod but what now? I hope you still have your ticket - it is valid (for 2 hours) on both trains and also on the bus which you have to find now. The busses which takes you to 'Den Nordiske Lejrskole' are lines 701 (direction Kongens Vænge) and 702 (direction Kongens Vænge) and they leave from the bus terminal next to the station. The bus ride takes 5-10 minutes. The buses leave from Hillerød Station (daytime schedule) every hour at:
Bus 701
Bus 702
41 01 
Bus 701
Bus 702
01 11 
21  31 
41 51 

and they both stop a few minutes walk from the school (ask the bus driver). We hope this information will be sufficient but you are of course welcome to contact the school secretary ( if you need further instructions.

Further directions and maps

Some useful pages to check out when planning a stay in Copenhagen:

Updated: 03.06.2003