Meeting on Nordic Science Outreach

Copenhagen, 12-13 January 2005


Rooms have been reserved in the following hotels. Prices include breakfast. Please email our conference secretary, Anne Lumholdt, at or call her on +45 3532 5366.
Hotel Address Dkk/night Category Remarks
9 små hjem Classensgade 38, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
toilet and bath
Hotel Maritime Peder Skramsgade 19, 1054 Copenhagen
toilet and bath

For hotels that do not have links to their locations, klick on the "Address and map search" link, copy and paste the street name into the field "vej", type the street number into the field "Nr:", and klick on "Start Søgning".  Alternatively, copy and paste the name of the hotel into the "Firma:" field and klick "Start Søgning" on the same line. On the next page that appears the globus icon is a link to a map showing the location.

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