Meeting on Nordic Science Outreach

NORDITA (Copenhagen, Denmark)

12-13 January 2005


*Wednesday*  (12 January 2005)    -->  Chair: Axel Brandenburg

10.30-10.50: Registration and Coffee (in Aud C)

10.50-11.00: Welcome address, practical matter, etc.

11.00-11.20: Presentations Leena Tähtinen (Freelance science writer, Turku)
A reporter meets a scientist: two cultures collide

11.30-11.50: Jari Mäkinen (Helsinki, Finnish Broadcasting Company)
The electronic media and science in Finland

12.00-12.20: Joanna Rose (Forskning och Framsteg)
The growing enthusiasm for communicating science

12.30-13.00: Discussion

13.00-14.00: Lunch in the NBI Cantine

*afternoon*     -->  Chair: Anja C. Andersen

14.00-14.30: Finn Aaserud (Niels Bohr Archive)
Niels Bohr in the Danish Newspapers

14.45-15.15: Visit to the Niels Bohr Archive

15.30-16.00: Coffee (in the NBI Cantine)

*2nd afternoon session*     -->  Chair: Benny Lautrup

16.00-16.20: Dmitri Diakonov
How the pentaquark story got to the media

16.30-17.00: Rosalind Reid (from American Scientist)
How and why scientists can be effective public communicators

17.15-17.35: Jari Mäkinen (Finnish Broadcasting Company, Helsinki)
Journalist meets scientist - who is more afraid?

17:45-19.00: Round Table Discussion

19.00: Reception in Auditorium C (just opposite to Auditorium A)

20.30: Dinner

*Thursday*  (13 January 2005)    -->  Chair: Leena Tähtinen

9.00-9.20: Mikkel Bohm (Dansk Naturvidenskabsformidling)
Why scientists should get in touch directly with the public

9.30-10.00: Rosalind Reid (from American Scientist)
Using pictures to tell science stories

10:00-10.30: Discussion

11.00: Begin of the Astrobiology meeting