Pencil Code User Meeting

Copenhagen, Denmark,   13-15 July 2006

Sponsored and organized by Nordita

A 3-day workshop on `Pencil Code User Meeting' in Copenhagen, 13-15 July 2006

Background and Purpose

Lots of things have happened recently with the code, and so we need to think about streamlining our efforts. The previous Pencil Code Workshop, which was a year ago, has been extremely fruitful in making the code more coherent. The plan for this workshop is to discuss improvements concerning the coherence and useability of the code. One of the things that can hopefully be sorted out by then concerns the handling of temperature in dimensionful and nondimensional runs.

The plan is to have Pencil Code User Meetings every year. So, don't worry if you miss this years chance, there are already plans for the next meeting in Stockholm in 2007.

Regarding the web pages and all other aspects of the scientific program, or any other matters, please feel free to contact Axel Brandenburg. For questions regarding accommodation, please contact the secretary for this meeting, Hanne Bergen.

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