String Cosmology Workshop

Uppsala, April 25 - April 28, 2005

Registration deadline: March 25, 2005 (closed).
(Limited funds are available for Nordic students, please apply to the workshop secretary, lumholdt at by March 1, if you wish to be considered.)

The workshop will focus on the interface of two important topics, cosmology and string theory. Cosmology is believed to be acting as a test bed for theories beyond the Standard Model including fundamental theories like superstrings, which brings together gravity and gauge interactions. In recent years there has been tremendous progress in understanding some aspects of time dependent solutions in superstring and supergravity theories, flux quantization and its consequences for moduli stabilization, obtaining Standard Model like vacua, and embedding de-Sitter geometry in string theory. On the other hand superstring theory may naturally provide answers to some of the profound questions in cosmology, such as the initial big bang singularity, the origin behind three large spatial dimensions, observed homogeneity and the flatness of the Universe, small fluctuations embedded in the cosmic microwave background radiation, baryons and a candidate for the cold dark matter, cosmological constant and the late time acceleration. Our aim is to promote discussion along the lines of these long standing problems and we hope that this workshop will fuse ideas from these two foundations of theoretical physics.



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